The Schumer Bloodstock team has a wide range of experience when it comes to consulting our clients. This includes public auctions, private sales, racing stable management, and breeding. We have a global knowledge of the industry and work with clients who have stables and budgets of all sizes.

Leipzig at OBS April 2022

Public Auctions

We attend all major North American sales, as well as many of the sales in Europe. We look at nearly every horse at each sale which also helps us have a better understanding of the market.

Private Sales

If you are looking to purchase a horse who is not entered in a sale, we have the ability to facilitate that. We are always looking for horses that are racing who could make ideal stallion or broodmare prospects. Further, we maintain an ever changing inventory of horses for sale privately.

Tap Target at Keeneland
Into Mischief colt at Keeneland September Sale


As both a buyer and seller, we have an understanding of the market that allows for the acquisition of sometimes bargain priced bloodstock which often escalates in value very quickly.  Pinhooking is essentially buying to resell, much like commodities or stocks. There are many different categories such as weanling to yearling, yearling to two-year-old, and broodmare prospect to in-foal mare. Horses can be pinhooked for as little as a couple thousand dollars or as much as hundreds of thousands. We have several pinhooking partnerships and are always looking to add members or create new partnerships


You’ve bought your mare, now what? Deciding on a stallion is not easy as there are so many factors to consider, such as purpose (for market or for racing), pedigree considerations, price and location to a name a few.  We are able to offer mating suggestions along with guiding the process to obtaining a contract and facilitation of breeding.

Broodmare at the farm in Kentucky
Redesdale Stallion

Stallion Seasons & Shares

Most seasons are acquired directly from the farms standing stallions, however, many are obtained on the private market as well.  We have access to seasons/shares/breeding rights in stallions standing in Kentucky and throughout the United States.  Further, we often times purchase packages of seasons from farms allowing us to offer our clients a discounted price.


We offer an appraisal service for clients’ needs ranging from Estate planning purposes, legal reasons or even just looking to evaluate their portfolios.  Appraisals are done on a client by client befitting the situation.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Chad in Europe
Foal sleeping at the farm


We offer coverage for All Risk Horse Mortality & Theft, Specified Perils, Private Horse Owner’s Liability, Commercial Equine Liability, Farm Package, Perspective Foal Coverage, Stallion Infertility Due to Accident, Sickness or Disease and Transit & Coverage Outside of the USA / Canada.

Whether you are new to the industry or a current participant, Schumer Bloodstock can assist you. Please call or e-mail us to discuss the options.

Buyers Forms

If you are interested in purchasing at any of the North American or European Sales with Schumer Bloodstock, please visit the links below to complete the necessary forms.